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Amy+Justin {Engaged!} St. Anthony Main

Amy and Justin’s engagement shoot was the perfect kick off to many fall engagement shoots to come! We met at St. Anthony Main, the air was a bit crisp, the sun peeked out from time to time and we shared many laughs! I got to learn about how these two met and about their 2015 wedding. Of course we shared a laugh or two :).

Congrats Amy and Justin! I’m so excited to see everything come together at your wedding next year!

Baby Will {Newborn}

Little Will was born on Labor Day, which I think already sets him up to be a boy with a great sense of humor! I was more then ecstatic to spend some time with the Munger Family and their new arrival. As the wedding season winds down for me it was so much fun to spend the afternoon with a little baby :).

Congrats Joe, Eliza, Lena and Dooey on the new addition to your family!EileenKPhoto-01EileenKPhoto-03EileenKPhoto-06EileenKPhoto-08EileenKPhoto-09EileenKPhoto-10EileenKPhoto-15EileenKPhoto-18EileenKphoto-20EileenKPhoto017EileenKPhoto-23EileenKPhoto-25

Rita+Erik {Married!} Camrose Hill Flower Farm

Rita and Erik were married on what might have possibly been the hottest day of the summer. But, these two and their family & friend’s didn’t miss a beat because of the heat! Rita and Erik’s wedding ceremony was at the beautiful Camrose Hill Flower Farm in Stillwater, MN. There were yard games, a little bit of rain, some amazing dancing and an epic sparkler send off!

Congrats Rita and Erik! It was a blast to be part of your wedding day :).EileenKphoto-001EileenKPhoto-040EileenKPhoto-069EileenKPhoto-087EileenKPhoto-106EileenKPhoto-116EileenKphoto-131EileenKPhoto-154EileenKphoto-163EileenKPhoto-174EileenKPhoto-185EileenKPhoto-200EileenKPhoto-224EileenKPhoto-241EileenKPhoto-260EileenKPhoto-268EileenKPhoto-272EileenKPhoto-276EileenKphoto-320EileenKphoto-391EileenKPhoto-418EileenKphoto-458EileenKPhoto-504EileenKPhoto-519EileenKPhoto-523EileenKPhoto-626EileenKPhoto-696EileenKPhoto-707EileenKPhoto-793EileenKPhoto-794