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Mindy+Travis {Married!} Edinburgh USA Golf Course

Mindy and Travis are the nicest, sweetest, most loving adorable couple. I really could go on! To kick off their wedding day I met Mindy and the bridesmaids at Salon Stella for Hair and Make up . From there we went to Edinburgh Golf Course to celebrate the rest of the wedding day and Mindy’s dress was revealed. I have to say, sometimes I think I just might be more excited then everyone else in the room to see the bride’s dress!

Mindy and Travis opted to do a first look before their wedding. I know there are some couples who think a first look pre ceremony puts a damper on the effect of walking down the aisle. Well, let me tell you, I got a little teary eyed with the emotions that Mindy and Trav shared as she walked down the aisle!

Some of my favorite moments from Mindy and Trav’s wedding were the first look, getting to know all their amazing friends and family, the wedding party’s grand march and that Mindy and Trav were able to step out to the golf course right before the dance for a few more fun shots :).

Congrats Mindy and Travis! I am so honored to have spent your wedding day with you!Eileen-K-Photo-061Eileen-K-Photo-075Eileen-K-Photo-084Eileen-K-Photo-129Eileen-K-Photo-134Eileen-K-Photo-138Eileen-K-Photo-141Eileen-K-Photo-187Eileen-K-Photo-196Eileen-K-Photo-201Eileen-K-Photo-218Eileen-K-Photo-230Eileen-K-Photo-248Eileen-K-Photo-255Eileen-K-Photo-261Eileen-K-Photo-303Eileen-K-Photo-344Eileen-K-Photo-378Eileen-K-Photo-386Eileen-K-Photo-387Eileen-K-Photo-390Eileen-K-Photo-396Eileen-K-Photo-409Eileen-K-Photo-454Eileen-K-Photo-456Eileen-K-Photo-508Eileen-K-Photo-514Eileen-K-Photo-530Eileen-K-Photo-539Eileen-K-Photo-572Eileen-K-Photo-605Eileen-K-Photo-679Eileen-K-Photo-700Eileen-K-Photo-767Eileen-K-Photo-787Eileen-K-Photo-802Eileen-K-Photo-808Eileen-K-Photo-825Eileen-K-Photo-874

Sophia+Tony {Engaged!} Irvine Park – St. Paul, MN

When Sophia and Tony mentioned to me that they’d like to do their engagement photo shoot at Irvine Park in St. Paul I was so excited, it was a location that I not only had never shot at, but had never visited! Upon our arrival I asked Sophia and Tony if they had been to the park before, and that’s when I found out Irvine Park was the location that Tony proposed to Sophia at and I loved this spot even more for them!

Congrats Sophia and Tony! I cannot wait for your 2015 wedding day!EileenKPhoto-01EileenKPhoto-02EileenKPhoto-06EileenKPhoto-08EileenKPhoto-09EileenKPhoto-11EileenKPhoto-14EileenKPhoto-15EileenKPhoto-16EileenKPhoto-17EileenKPhoto-19EileenKPhoto-26EileenKPhoto-29EileenKPhoto-31EileenKPhoto-33

Jamie+Jon {Married!} Nicollet Island Pavilion

It was a beautiful summer day and Jamie and Jon could not have had a more beautiful location to celebrate at, Nicollet Island Pavilion. Before their wedding I learned a few things about Jamie and Jon; their courtship began in the 8th grade and that they had quite the crew for their wedding party. Well, let me be honest Jamie and Jon have some of the most fun and amazing family and friends!

Some of my favorite moments from Jamie and Jon’s wedding were Jamie reading a note from Jon on loose leaf paper, the infinity bracelet Jon gifted Jamie before their first look, the beautiful set up at Nicollet Island Pavilion and last but not least how much fun the wedding party was!

Congrats Jamie and Jon! And was such an honor to be part of your wedding day :).Eileen-K-Photo-008Eileen-K-Photo-027Eileen-K-Photo-032Eileen-K-Photo-052Eileen-K-Photo-085Eileen-K-Photo-093Eileen-K-Photo-114Eileen-K-Photo-121Eileen-K-Photo-125Eileen-K-Photo-127Eileen-K-Photo-134Eileen-K-Photo-149Eileen-K-Photo-165Eileen-K-Photo-172Eileen-K-Photo-175Eileen-K-Photo-198Eileen-K-Photo-207Eileen-K-Photo-213Eileen-K-Photo-219Eileen-K-Photo-242Eileen-K-Photo-251Eileen-K-Photo-258Eileen-K-Photo-267Eileen-K-Photo-272Eileen-K-Photo-281Eileen-K-Photo-285Eileen-K-Photo-298Eileen-K-Photo-301Eileen-K-Photo-304Eileen-K-Photo-309Eileen-K-Photo-395Eileen-K-Photo-400Eileen-K-Photo-409Eileen-K-Photo-427Eileen-K-Photo-449Eileen-K-Photo-456Eileen-K-Photo-488Eileen-K-Photo-586Eileen-K-Photo-591Eileen-K-Photo-599Eileen-K-Photo-606Eileen-K-Photo-654Eileen-K-Photo-666Eileen-K-Photo-676Eileen-K-Photo-688Eileen-K-Photo-692Catering: Mintaho Catering¬†Floral: Julia’s Blooms¬†Videography: Sacred Light Studios

Paula - Eileen – I can only imagine how thrilled this bride and groom will be with the images you have captured – I don’t even KNOW this couple and I LOVED them – I thought you told the story of their day PERFECTLY! You certainly have found your calling!