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About Me

Well, hello! I’m Eileen and thank you for visiting the Eileen K. Photography blog, since you’ve made it here let me tell you a little bit about myself!

I’m ┬áMinneapolis gal, a cat owner, bicycle rider, traveler, lover of love and I’m always curious about the unknown.

Photography has always been an interest of mine, from documenting camping trips as a young girl to getting involved with the local Minneapolis music scene as a teenager and photographing live shows.

Through the support of friends and family (letting me test out ideas on them), too much schooling (checked my LinkedIn page for how many different colleges I’ve attended) and losing a desk job (“you’re fired!” Donald Trump style) my dream of being a photographer became a full time life style for me.

As a photographer my absolute favorite thing to capture is the timeline of a family. From your engagement, to wedding, to having babies (the fur variety or human;)) I love seeing the love of a couple grow over time.

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